Would you like to kiss your lip and mouth sores goodbye? Now you can with Terra-M, the revolutionary new all-natural compound developed by Dr. Don Cheatham, biochemist and 21-year veteran of the dental profession.

    After years of seeing his patients suffer with the pain and discomfort of lip and mouth sores and prescribing medicated ointments that provided little or no relief, Dr. Cheatham began to research alternative treatments. He initially developed Terra-M for a close family member who suffered with canker sores as a result of chemotherapy treatments. Dr. Cheatham set out to formulate a compound with a combination of natural ingredients with a proven track record of relief. Terra-M is the result of his extensive research. Not only did his family member experience the relief desired, but many of Dr. Cheatham's patients have also benefited over the past four years.

     Now you too can experience relief from the pain of fever blisters, canker sores, denture sores, sores from braces, burns in the mouth and sores on the tongue.

Terra-M Benefits Include:
• Natural ingredients, some of which are bacteriostatic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.
• Shortened healing time of lip and mouth sores.
• Reduces spread of sores in many cases.
• Intervals between recurrence of sores may be prolonged.
• Documented research supports effectiveness of ingredients.
• Pleasant taste.
• Less expensive than prescription medications.

Tips for Managing Lip & Mouth Sores:
• Get Plenty of Sleep
• Eat Right
• Take Care of Yourself
• Reduce Stress
• Wear Sunscreen & SPF Lip Protection - Even in Winter!
• Kiss Others - cold sores are easily spread
• Touch cold sores with your hands - If you do, wash with soap & water right away.
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